Numbers Pre-k to 2nd grade

Six – Sweet Lady Bug Number Six

sweet lady bug number six

Addy Adding helped Sweet Lady Bug Sis of  Number Kingdoms™ build her fancy tree house made of two trees.  3+3=6

Sadly though when Addy Adding is around, two sweet sisters are aways being blamed for the nonsense caused by the  Naughty Elves Number 12. 6+6=12

When Repeat Frog is around, sweet lady bug Sis does strange things.

Sis and Tree Three carry big Caketeen. 6×3=18

Sis and Daur open a candy store. 6×4=24

Sis and Prince Five Clive ride Earthy. 6×5=30

Sis has a secret -shhhh…….when she is with her Sixter, they turn into Wicked Witch 36.  6X6=36

And when you see a rainbow, it is time for Sis to run for the loo, 42.  6×7=42

Sis ate spider with a fork and plate. 6×8=48

Sis and  Queen Nines can have Rubik’s War of 54.  6×9=54

Ten Sisters are the queens of time. 6×10= 60

Naughty Elves Number Twelve make Sis wear rainbow duck shoes. 12×6=72

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4th and 5th Grade Geometry Math Tricks


 Fun way to remember the 4 main Triangles.

Triangles are easy to remember when you give them personality.

 There are 4 triangles in Number Kingdoms™.
Boring, crazy, fun and one that is always right. Which triangle are you? Ask kids to choose to be their favorite triangle. Put them in groups of 4 different triangles and ask them to create a 2 min play for the class. Let them write the name of their triangle on a name tag.

triangle freebie from number kingdoms


How many fluid ounces in a quart?

Creative Way to Remember:

Fluid ounces in a quart

I quart a Kangaroo!

1 quart = 32 Kangaroo!

32 kangaroo in a quart

Number Kingdoms™ Fluid ounces in a quart – Kangaroo

click on the yellow link for teacher printable Pdf ©copyright 2017 Number Kingdoms™

Fl oz in a quart pdf printable by numberkingdoms™





4th and 5th Grade Math Tricks measurement

How Many Inches in A Foot?

Creative way to remember:

How many inches in a foot with Naughty Elves Number 12.

12 inches in a foot.

Naughty Elves Number 12 have inchy feet.

Scratch those feet, you Naughty Elves Number 12.

Free Printable:inches in a foot? creative way to rembember inches in feet

Print on photo paper for high gloss effect – then laminate and display 




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