Number Kingdoms™ Games

Trick kids into practicing mental math.

Because each time children have their turn, or the other person has a turn, they are analysing and processing the math equation. In one game of ‘Find King Ten’ each child will complete over 50 short quick math equations in their head.  Genius!

The benefits are unbelievable!

Learning through play makes life much better for the whole family 😉

Keep dice games in your purse and use them when you are out and about. Indirectly you could be getting your kids doing over 100 math equations a day without them knowing!

   Dice Games

Specialty dice from Number Kingdoms ©copyright 2016

Find King Ten

Number Ten is a constant reference point in mental math. Knowing to look for King Ten is a great habit for kids to learn. This one skill will speed up mental addition and subtraction onwards from 2nd grade.

One Hound Red

100 has so many different combinations. Learning to see the common ones instantly helps  math recall.

Oh Fishily!

‘Oh Fishily’  reached kids to find 15. Knowing double fish is thirty and parts of Fishteen act as a scaffold for the tricky thirty something numbers.

Candy Store 24

Times tables are made fun when you get to visit the candy store 24. Roll and  first to make 24 wins. Repeat game and first to ten is the winner!



Math Fact Kingdom

   Times Table Kingdom







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